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HOW will you get there?

The Map the Path Module is for developing action steps towards your goal. Because now that you actually have your goal, you’ll need a plan to reach it. Get ready – this is where the rubber meets the road.

In this module, you’ll break your life down into actionable, doable phases. Nothing is more rewarding than being in action. Even though your North-Star Goal is in the future, it’s the necessary, present-day steps that give your life purpose and your days meaning. And this, friends, is the key to happiness.

We cover a lot of ground in this module. In it, you’ll explore subjects such as: 

  • Momentum Blockers – how to spot obstacles in your way that slow you down and obstruct your path.
  • Identify Your People – who you should talk to vs. who you should spare (because that’s not what they’re for).
  • What to Improve (not change), so you’re furthering your skills.
  • Building the Plan, experimentation, and experiencing the journey as a self-knowing person.
  • YNA Academy Resources: As with all modules, Mod5 comes with a highly curated list of books, podcasts, TedTalks, and articles to add to your knowledge and enlightenment.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life. This module ensures that you spend it well.