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Knowing what you want is PURPOSE

The North-Star Goal module is where you develop your vision for what you truly want. Completing this step successfully is your ticket to living a happy, fulfilling life. Because it’s a lack of goals (or an inability to prioritize them) that leaves people feeling lost, depressed, and directionless.

Using what you’ve learned so far from your Reality Check and your 360, armed with your unique combination of strengths, and fueled by your core values, you’re now prepared to begin crafting a North-Star Goal. This module deals with the WHAT, the WHY, and the WHEN. You’ll deal with the HOW in the next session…

We cover a lot of ground in this module. In it, you’ll explore subjects such as: 

  • Your Goals vs. Your Main Goal and how not to confuse them.
  • Knowing Your Mind and creating a success mindset
  • Redflags – what will get in your way, and how to avoid them.
  • The Formulation – HOW to set goals
  • The Breakdown – How to make goals doable.
  • YNA Academy Resources: As with all modules, Mod4 comes with a highly curated list of books, podcasts, TedTalks, and articles to add to your knowledge and enlightenment.

People often make the mistake of trying to “find” their purpose. What you’re going to do in this module – is create one.