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You’re naturally gifted and naturally blind.

In the Superpowers and Achilles Heels Module, you’ll learn your top combination of strengths, and you’ll learn about your blind spots. We’ll cover how to use these strengths to your advantage and how to apply them in your search for purpose. The point of this module is not to “improve.” It’s to focus on your positive, natural abilities.

Knowing how you naturally excel and understanding which strengths to hone are guaranteed to set you apart from the masses. Because the sad truth is – most people have no clue what they’re good at or where they tend to go wrong.

We cover a lot of ground in this module. In it, you’ll explore subjects such as: 

  • Introduction to the Gallup Strengths Test and where to take it (this is a separate, non-affiliated link).
  • Integrating Your Strengths to create a killer CV & LinkedIn profile AND to prepare you for interviews.
  • Interview How-Tos, so you know how to speak about your strengths and blindspots in a way that proves you’re impressively self-aware.
  • Being a Manager vs. Being Managed
  • Taking Action and Taking Advantage – naming Your Strengths and applying them to your life.
  • Working With Your Blind Spots
  • YNA Academy Resources: As with all modules, Mod3 comes with a highly curated list of books, podcasts, TedTalks, and articles to add to your knowledge and enlightenment.

Combining this module with what you learn in Module 2 makes decision-making 100x easier since you’re no longer guessing and what MIGHT be the right choice. By this time, you’ll feel your confidence growing.