Here are a few rules to help you get to your goals.

These rules will not “make you” reach your goal; they can only “help you”.

Only you can reach your goals with who you are.

Fill in this document: Goals Step 3 – Your Action Plans.

To identify the right levers, those that will allow you to move towards your goal while taking advantage of each step, each meeting, and each problem solved.

“You will care more about the things that aren’t working yet, you’ll push through the dip,

you’ll expend effort and expose yourself to fear. When you have a lot of balls in the air,

it’s easy just to ignore the ones that make you uncomfortable or that might fall.

Success comes from doing the hard part. When the hard part is all you’ve got,

you’re more likely to do it.  And this is precisely why it’s difficult to focus.

Because focusing means acknowledging that you just signed up for the hard part.” – Seth Godin