“Without the vision of a goal, one cannot manage his own life, much less the lives of others.” – Jack Weatherford.
“The future you see is the future you get.” – Robert G. Allen.


  • WHAT is Your goal? Big or small, don’t limit yourself, and don’t overthink it.
    The WHAT is not “just” a word. It explains clearly what you want, wish, and ask for based on YOUR GOAL SETTING – Concepts & Resources document.
  • WHY is this goal important to you: benefits & alignment? Not what you should do …
    Important: If you cannot visualise the goal nor verbalise it in one sentence (ie why you want to “be”, “do” or “have”) then maybe it is worth asking yourself if it is a goal for you or … just a dream and not a real goal.
  • WHEN is your Target date? When do you want it (number of days/months)
  • Don’t worry about the HOW.
    Instead, consider how some smaller goals, short or medium-term, will contribute to achieving bigger ones.
  • Important:   Once your lists are complete, check that your WHAT is not a HOW.
    Dig deeper by looking at the questions on the previous pages again.

Again, I suggest picking out a special notebook or journal as you go through this process. It’s a great place for brainstorming, making lists, and journaling your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Option 1:           write in your notebook (and send me a picture of your answers).

Option 2:          type your answers in this document.