“I discovered that I did not have a personal life and a professional life, but that I had a life.”

We believe the following is always better done with an experienced coach.

To do it on your own, the most important advice is to be honest with yourself, be patient, and trust your better judgement. Listen to yourself and what you think and feel.

Here are simple steps to identify YOUR values that are present in your life and work:

You can find many hits searching for a “list of personal values” (1,330,000,000 answers on Google today).

Some of the lists you will find reach 500 words.

It’s not the best thing to motivate your lizard brain in your epic quest for truth and harmony.

Getting to a short list of your TOP personal values is a journey.

Values aren’t selected; we discover and reveal them.

If you start with a list, choosing what you think are your values, your conscious mind will test which values appear “better” than others.

Given our approach and experience, this is what we recommend.