• Seek roles in which you will be asked to persuade others. Consider whether selling would be a good career/role for you.
  • You will always be ready to confront. Practice the words, tone and techniques that will turn your ability to confront into real persuasiveness.
  • In your relationships, seize opportunities to speak plainly and directly about sensitive subjects. Your unwillingness to hide from the truth can become a source of strength and constancy for your colleagues and friends. Strive to become known as a candid person.
  • Help your colleagues and friends make commitments. You can provide the spark that will inspire them to act.
  • Find a cause you believe in and support it. You might discover yourself at your best when defending a cause in the face of resistance.
  • Ask people for their opinions. Sometimes your candor will prove intimidating, causing others to tread very lightly for fear of your reaction. Watch for this. If necessary, explain that you are candid simply because it feels so uncomfortable to keep things bottled up, not because you want to frighten other people into silence.
  • Partner with someone with a strong Woo or Empathy theme. Some obstacles do not need to be confronted; they can be circumvented. This person can help you to circumvent obstacles through relationships.