• You will always do well in roles in which you are paid to capture people’s attention. Your strengths will probably flourish in teaching, sales, marketing, ministry or the media.
  • You excel at capturing people’s attention. Keep your best stories in mind and practice telling them so you’ll get better each time.
  • Use your Communication talents to help others put their ideas or feelings into words.
  • Start a collection of stories or phrases that resonate with you. For example, cut out magazine articles that move you or write down powerful word combinations.
  • Practice telling these stories or saying these words to yourself out loud. Listen to yourself actually saying the words. Refine.
  • When you are presenting, listen closely to your audience. Watch their reactions to each part of your presentation. You will see that some parts prove especially engaging. After the presentation, take time to identify the parts that particularly caught the audience’s attention. Re-draft your next presentations around these highlights.
  • Volunteer for opportunities to present. You can become known as someone who helps people express their thoughts and ambitions in a captivating way.