• Take advantage of your self-motivation by setting challenging goals. Set a more ambitious goal every time you finish a project.
  • Partner with someone with strong Discipline or Focus talents. This person can help you use your energy as efficiently as possible.
  • Take time to celebrate each success before moving on to the next item or task, even if for just a few minutes.
  • Although you might be naturally equipped to work harder and longer than others, be sure to take regular breaks.
  • When possible, limit your commitments to tasks aligned with your highest priorities.
  • Make sure your to-do lists include things beyond work.
  • Select jobs in which you have the leeway to work as hard as you want and in which you are encouraged to measure your own productivity. You will feel stretched and alive in these environments.
  • Choose to work with other hard workers. Share your goals with them so they can help you achieve them.
  • Count personal achievements in your scoring “system.”

This will help you direct your Achiever theme toward your personal life as well as work.