“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hills.

What we believe is true to US.

It might not be true or accurate to someone else. This is subjective.

Based on this thinking, let’s set a few helpful guidelines for YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE goal-setting system.

  • It’s essential to know what you really want.

If you search to duplicate someone else’s nirvana, even if you can create it, it won’t feel like your nirvana.

  • If you pursue something for someone else, it’s much harder to achieve it.

To clear an easy path to create your intentions, you must know how it feels to want them.

You have to know it’s for you rather than someone else.

  • If you pursue things from a motive of negative emotion, it will work quickly, for a short period. Then it won’t—another reason to know what you WANT.

When we release our negative emotions, we magnify our motivation and desires.

  • If you really want something, you’ll be willing to do or let go of anything to get it.

Why? Because you know it’s your truth, you decide that nothing will get in between you and it.

  • If you have doubts about achieving what you want, you have beliefs limiting you. These may be conscious, or they may be buried deep within your unconscious.

You can work to release and free these limiting beliefs from deep within you with various coaching techniques. We’ll be working on this in depth in the ECHOS Deep Insight Programme.

  • Whatever you believe becomes your reality.
  • Your unconscious will fight to protect the values you hold, whether your conscious mind likes it or not!
  • Your conscious mind sets your intentions.

Your unconscious mind brings them into reality … or not, as the case may be.

  • If you have altruistic intentions, that’s great. It’s also a sign that your inner child is looking for the help you’re projecting on the outside world. Feed your inner child first.

When your inner child is content, you can give so much more to others.

  • Everything comes from the inside.

We create our reality; we attract the people into our life and the situations we believe in. When we take responsibility for that creation without being hard on ourselves, we clear the path to conscious and purposeful creation.

Any attempt to live outside your values will cause you stress, negativity, unhappiness, pessimism, anger, and frustration. Living in alignment with your values guarantees self-confidence, self-respect, personal pride, positivity, and energy.

Therefore, your goals must be congruent with your values, and your values must be congruent with your goals.

“An answer brings no illumination unless the question has matured to a point where it gives rise to this answer

which thus becomes its fruit. Therefore, learn how to put a question.”

“The kingdom of heaven is within you, and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.” – Egyptian proverbs.