You probably already have a few goals in mind. But before we get to that, seeing where you’ve been is important. A famous quote says, “Don’t look back; you’re not going that way.”

We need to release and learn from our experiences.

  • We think of goals or intentions from a ‘whole-life-flow’ perspective rather than a one-time event.

We want to minimise the hamster wheel and encourage you towards conscious and deliberate creation.

It’s about impacting your journey, not just a one-time event.

  • Emotional alignment is key.

You have to feel good about what you’re aiming for.

Your emotions play a key role in your motivation. You cannot leave them behind when you go to work or when you’re doing a project. When we repress them, it’s unhelpful. Emotional intelligence is feeling, knowing, and choosing when to act.

  • YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE ™ is about testing and feedback.

There is no success or failure. Instead, there is a blueprint that worked in that instance or an opportunity to refine and explore with curiosity. Flexibility and curiosity are key factors in creativity and achievement. Cherish and cultivate them both.

  • Resources flow when we are aligned.

Money is not a “thing”; it’s a resource, just like our perception of time and the air we breathe. If we focus our life on money, we miss the more significant opportunity to generate revenue and profound satisfaction.

  • Control is an illusion.

One of those fear triggers has developed from our social conditioning. We cannot control time and other people, and our ability to perceive is governed by the values, thoughts, experiences, and beliefs we have been conditioned with over time.

  • To make your dreams a reality, you may want to LET GO.

Let go of some of your social and emotional conditioning. This will align you with who you are rather than with whom you think you should be. This is your place of power.

  • Language alignment supports so much.

Firstly, we are interested in the clarity that language alignment can bring. Then we are interested in the things you say to yourself inside your head. This is where your real motivation lies, and your relationship with yourself is the make or break of having lived the way you want it.

  • Balance and alignment in the body and mind are crucial to the successful outcome of this programme.

The INSIGHT THROUGH ENQUIRY METHOD does not subscribe to working extremely long hours to get what you want. Balanced alignment comes from relaxation for your body and mind and stimulation. We will ask you to take rest days and curiosity days during the programme. Each serves a different purpose.