If you lack the intensity of Activator talents, it does not mean you lack initiative, fire or the ability to get things started. Rather, you might be someone who prefers to consider actions carefully before taking them.

  • Ensure that you are operating in areas of familiarity or expertise if the situation requires immediate action.
  • Know the best way to prepare yourself to take action. Consider the significant decisions you’ve made in your life and determine what steps you went through to feel ready to take action. Did you talk to others first to get their opinions? Did you thoroughly research the topic area? Did you systematically evaluate different scenarios and obstacles? Among your top themes, find those that help you get things started. Responsibility, Belief or Includer talents could provide the spark of initiative for you in the same way Activator talents do for others.
  • Sometimes you might have to set a reasonable standard for yourself and just do it.

The document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Activator theme and its potential applications.