If Adaptability is not a dominant theme for you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t be flexible or that you can’t handle change. It probably means you like to exert more control in your environment or are more comfortable with some sort of routine or structure.

  • You may experience frustration when circumstances change forcing you to abandon your plans. In these situations, you will want to regain control by pausing to reset priorities and making a new plan.
  • There are times when you or others need to sort through uncertainty or change. When this happens, find out what tasks, functions and activities are mandatory. Focus on the outcomes, not the steps. Find the best way to get there.
  • When you experience change, it might be important to reflect on the big picture. Understanding why things are happening might help you get back on track or establish new routines that work in the new or different situations.

This document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Adaptability theme and its potential applications.