Having less intense Analytical talents does not preclude you from rigorous thought or objective measurement. It may indicate that you more readily accept things at face value or rely more on your intuition.

  • Find those among your top themes that help you uncover the objective truth. Arranger or Harmony talents, for example, might help you invite others to share their observations and opinions. Their perspectives could help you see the big picture.
  • When you want to solve a problem or discover the cause of an issue, start at the end and work backward toward the cause, continually asking “why?” You might need to repeat this question several times until the cause of the problem becomes apparent.
  • You might perceive too much thinking or questioning to be “paralysis by analysis.” Be careful not to minimize or dismiss the value of asking good questions and thoughtfully examining the facts.
  • When you want to act immediately, stop to research objective sources and get others’ advice.

This document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Analytical theme and its potential applications.