Low Command does not equal low leadership ability. Even if you do not relish the conflicts or tough conversations that leadership requires, or if you lack the presence that other leaders convey, you might succeed through your relationships or persuasiveness.

  • Find those among you top themes — such as Belief, Maximizer, Responsibility and Self-Assurance — that provide you with strength and resolve when you need to respond to opposition or resistance.
  • When you encounter disagreements, ask yourself why people see things differently than you. Do they have something to lose? Do they have different information? What underlying values do they hold? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you address their concerns and move them closer to an agreement.
  • You will be at your best when you are prepared for critical conversations. Do your homework in advance by gathering data, factual evidence and others’ perspectives. This will boost your self-esteem and enable you to make compelling points when presenting your viewpoints.

The document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Command theme and its potential applications.