If you don’t have the intensity of the Communication theme, it doesn’t mean that you cannot connect with others. It likely indicates that you prefer to think or reflect a bit before you speak.

  • Think about situations when your presentation to a group was highly effective. Identify the factors that contributed to your success (e.g., audience, preparation, format, or type of information).
  • Collect stories, quotes and experiences to emphasize key points related to your message. You can lean on these resources and tools to more effectively communicate.
  • Public speaking may not come naturally to you, but if your job demands it, you can find ways to improve. Consider joining a Toastmasters® group where you can gain basic presentation skills, discover more about your own style and find strengths you can use to communicate more effectively.
  • Deliberately use the natural thinking and relationship-building talents you have when you need to communicate something important. These talents can help you understand and specifically address your audience’s personalities, challenges, questions and assumptions.

The document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Communication theme and its potential applications.