Having less intense Competition talents does not preclude you from having a competitive drive. You might want to win, but that could mean beating a previous record you set as opposed to an opponent’s.

  • Find those among your top themes that provide you energy and motivation. Achiever, Activator, Maximizer and Responsibility talents may be the fire that can fuel your endeavors in the same way that Competition talents do for others.
  • Be careful not to judge or undervalue highly competitive people. These people have a different source of motivation. Highly competitive people stay motivated and can rally a team to take on a new challenge.
  • Build stretch goals for yourself that serve as internal standards or benchmarks. Set a more ambitious goal every time you finish a project.
  • You may find motivation from meeting others’ expectations. Ask for regular performance feedback from your manager and valued partners.

The document below is a quick reference tool that can help you increase your understanding of the Competition theme and its potential applications.