Some goals will be:

  • Long-range (LR):              Three years and more

To keep you on track and reduce the possibility of short-range frustrations.

  • Medium-range (MR):        Anything between one and two years.
  • Short-range (SR):              Anything from one day to one year

To keep you disciplined and in touch with your daily reality.

Some goals will:

  • Be Ongoing Goals: with a starting date (health, habits, etc.) and no end date.
  • Some will have an end date (no “dead” lines) that applies appropriate pressure while still being achievable. Time is required to achieve a specific and measurable outcome.

Give yourself enough time to accomplish complex goals:

  • It often takes longer than we think.

If it will take an hour to write an article, schedule an hour and a half.

The worst-case scenario is that you end up with free time.

Read more about this in this Wikipedia link about the Planning fallacy.

  • Giving a date to goals also helps to understand its complexity and how realistic it is.
  • The right amount of tension helps the tightrope walker reach her destination.