Themes help you discover and talk about people’s greatest talents. To appreciate people’s dominant talents, be aware of the characteristics, values, roles, needs, and motivations of their themes in their lives.

Use the information below to deepen your understanding of the theme’s unique characteristics.


(words that describe me):

  • impatient
  • action-oriented
  • catalytic
  • fast
  • influential
  • initiating
  • propulsive
  • dynamic

The Value I Bring:

  • a catalytic sense of urgency
  • energy and instant momentum to projects and groups
  • endless energy to get things done
  • self-starter who quickly takes action
  • not afraid to take risks

The Role I Play

(words that describe who I am):

  • catalyst
  • initiator
  • instigator
  • starter
  • originator
  • influencer

The Needs I Have:

  • less discussion, more action
  • opportunities to turn ideas into action
  • freedom to make decisions and execute
  • space to learn through experience

My Motivations (what I love/hate):

  • I love initiation and instigation.
  • I love getting things done.
  • I hate waiting and wasting time.
  • I hate waiting to take action when others feel the need to further analyze.