Themes help you discover and talk about people’s greatest talents. To appreciate people’s dominant talents, be aware of the characteristics, values, roles, needs, and motivations of their themes in their lives.

Use the information below to deepen your understanding of the theme’s unique characteristics.


(words that describe me):

  • objective
  • data-driven
  • skeptical
  • scientific
  • numbers-oriented
  • dispassionate
  • • questioning

The Value I Bring:

  • dispassionate thinkingn about emotional issues
  • logical and objective approach
  • find simplicity in the midst of complexity
  • ability to think about all of the factors that might affect a situation

The Role I Play

(words that describe who I am):

  • scientist
  • counter
  • observer
  • measurer
  • fact finder/user
  • Logician

The Needs I Have:

  • time to think
  • data and facts to prove ideas
  • information about all of the factors affecting a decision
  • exact, well-researched numbers

My Motivations (what I love/hate):

  • I love data and facts.
  • I love to analyze data and discover the patterns in the data.
  • I hate things that are not or cannot be proven.
  • I hate moving forward when all of the facts are not in place or unknown.