Themes help you discover and talk about people’s greatest talents. To appreciate people’s dominant talents, be aware of the characteristics, values, roles, needs, and motivations of their themes in their lives.

Use the information below to deepen your understanding of the theme’s unique characteristics.


(words that describe me):

  • flexible
  • controlling
  • multi-thinking
  • real time
  • interactive
  • collaborative
  • configuring
  • resourceful

The Value I Bring:

  • flexibility and interactivity
  • intuitively sense how different people can work together
  • work effectively and efficiently through others
  • comfortable with many moving parts
  • • resourcefulness

The Role I Play

(words that describe who I am):

  • juggler
  • coordinator
  • multi-thinker
  • enlister
  • orchestrator
  • rearranger
  • controller
  • conductor

The Needs I Have:

  • a dynamic environment
  • responsibility to create and modify the plan
  • opportunities to think on my feet
  • autonomy to consider and arrange all of the variables in the most productive way

My Motivations (what I love/hate):

  • I love initiating and managing necessary change.
  • I love complex, multifaceted projects.
  • I hate resistance to necessary change.
  • I hate rigid structure.