Themes help you discover and talk about people’s greatest talents. To appreciate people’s dominant talents, be aware of the characteristics, values, roles, needs, and motivations of their themes in their lives.

Use the information below to deepen your understanding of the theme’s unique characteristics.


(words that describe me):

  • certain
  • unchanging
  • passionate
  • self-sacrificing
  • stable
  • principled
  • committed

The Value I Bring:

  • stability, clarity, and conviction
  • dependability and high ethics
  • easily trusted by others
  • service-minded
  • willingness to make sacrifices for things that are important

The Role I Play

(words that describe who I am):

  • missionary
  • contributor
  • believer
  • altruist

The Needs I Have:

  • a cause or purpose for which to live
  • a meaningful place to focus my drive and direction
  • alignment between my work and my values

My Motivations (what I love/hate):

  • I love altruism.
  • I love putting my passion into work that makes people’s lives better.
  • I hate anything that does not align with my beliefs.
  • I hate the superficial.