Themes help you discover and talk about people’s greatest talents. To appreciate people’s dominant talents, be aware of the characteristics, values, roles, needs, and motivations of their themes in their lives.

Use the information below to deepen your understanding of the theme’s unique characteristics.


(words that describe me):

  • decisive
  • driven
  • challenging
  • assertive
  • opinionated
  • strong-
  • willed
  • certain
  • unchanging
  • passionate
  • self-
  • sacrificing
  • stable
  • principled
  • committed
  • clarifying
  • persuasive
  • intimidating
  • controlling
  • imposing
  • candid

The Value I Bring:

  • emotional clarity
  • decisiveness
  • ability to resolve conflicts and understandings
  • willingness to take charge
  • desire to state the truth
  • or facts, regardless of the implications

The Role I Play

(words that describe who I am):

  • controller
  • driver
  • persuader
  • challenger
  • leader
  • clarifier
  • fighter
  • intimidator

The Needs I Have:

  • challenges and conflicts
  • others who will follow my lead
  • freedom to take risks
  • space to express my opinions and
  • influence others
  • for things to be clear between people

My Motivations (what I love/hate):

  • I love exerting control in situations that seem out of control.
  • I love setting the direction.
  • I hate passivity and avoidance.
  • I hate holding back my ideas