Sometimes, we set goals because we feel pressured to do so by others.

If your heart isn’t in it, achieving a goal is much more challenging – a polite way to say, “Sorry, it won’t happen!”

We don’t achieve goals other times because unexpected life changes shift our priorities. Hello 2020!

Occasionally, we set goals that we aren’t quite ready for yet. Not you!

The Chinese say that the journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.

Commit yourself to taking goal-setting steps NOW. Commit to the journey, the daily review, the weekly review, and the monthly review! Finally, commit to reaching your goal.

If you keep a planner, journal, or even a calendar of important dates and appointments, look through it before you start the following exercises.

As you go through this process, pick out a special notebook or journal.

It’s a great place for brainstorming, making lists, and journaling your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.