Managers with dominant Activator talents excel at mobilizing their teams to action. You quickly communicate what your team needs to do and then instill in them a sense of urgency.

Your drive for action makes you a catalyst for saving the organization time, energy and money. When projects stall, you jump in and get things moving.

When you see what can and should be done, you initiate. You can bring your team members and others together to address immediate needs


You might charge ahead and act without a concrete plan. Before making a major decision, challenge yourself and your team to consider alternatives and weigh options first.

Your ability to push a group to action might make them feel steamrolled. Be sure to listen to their concerns if the push isn’t moving the group in the right direction.


Typically, when managing people with dominant Activator talents, you should help them be the catalyst who gets groups and projects moving. Help them develop a system to think things through and then act.

  • Help them find roles or tasks in which they can make and act on her own decisions.
  • Frequently put them in situations in which they can make things happen. The energy and tempo they bring to busy times of the day or to arenas like the customer service desk, production line or sales floor will engage them, their teams and your customers.
  • Listen carefully when they complain because you may learn something. Energize them by talking about new initiatives they can lead or new improvements they can make. Don’t wait because they can quickly stir up negativity if their complaints go unheeded.
  • Consider assigning them to stalled teams or projects. They may incite these teams or projects to action.
  • Sometimes people with strong Activator talents can be impatient with others who don’t see the same need for action. You might have to help them see the progress others are making even when they feel that nothing is happening.
  • Their perceived pushiness might intimidate others. To avoid conflict, help them hone their approach to getting things started. Providing a solid explanation for why action is needed will help others understand the logic and value behind new initiatives.


Transforming your talents into strengths requires active and deliberate learning and practice. The section below has ideas for investing in your talents. Use these items to practice using your dominant themes in ways that will be most meaningful and beneficial to you.

Call attention to incremental improvements in employees’ performance

Use your Activator talents to call attention to incremental improvements in team members’ performance. This reinforces that performance naturally improves when people do what they do best. Bring it up as soon as you notice.

Employees want to maximize their contributions. To do this, they must be in roles in which they can do what they do best. Others might not seize opportunities to use their talents as quickly as you would. Your perspective and action motivate team members and help them feel that they have an opportunity to do what they do best every day.

Helping people get into roles in which they can fully use their talents and strengths is the ongoing work of great managers.

The challenge is that many people take for granted, or may not be fully aware of, what they are inherently good at.