Managers with dominant Arranger talents excel at multitasking. You can manage multiple projects and personalities at once.

You can organize a team to achieve maximum efficiency, but you are also flexible to adjust to shifting priorities. You excel when managing multiple people, projects and tasks in a dynamic environment.


Your flexible organizational style might make it challenging for people to understand the underlying structure and prioritization. It may be useful to document a project plan so people can more easily follow your lead. Explain that your flexibility doesn’t mean that your priorities constantly change. Tell others that your priorities remain the same but that you are just looking for better ways to implement them.

People with dominant Arranger talents tend to claim responsibility for and take personal ownership of projects, processes and people. Make sure you engage, empower and delegate responsibilities to your team.


Typically, when you manage people with dominant Arranger talents, help them think about how they can juggle all priorities successfully while reminding them that sometimes they can do more with less.

  • People with dominant Arranger talents will thrive on responsibility, so give them as much as you can according to their knowledge and skill levels.
  • These people might have the talent to be a manager or supervisor because their Arranger talents enable them to figure out how people with different strengths can work together.
  • Help them find complex projects to work on or areas on the team or in the organization that have few established routines.
  • When you launch a project, work with them to select and position the members of the project team. People with high Arranger talents are good at figuring out how each person’s strengths might add the most value to the team.
  • Complex, multifaceted assignments excite these people. They thrive in situations in which many things are going on at the same time.


Transforming your talents into strengths requires active and deliberate learning and practice. The section below has ideas for investing in your talents. Use these items to practice using your dominant themes in ways that will be most meaningful and beneficial to you.

Find ways to do more with less.

Arrangers have the natural ability to coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness. Develop your Arranger talents by challenging yourself to find ways to make your and your team’s routines more efficient.

Find ways to do more with less.

Complex, dynamic environments with few routines are likely to bring out your best. Having daily opportunities to coordinate and develop strategies for getting things done is motivating and puts your Arranger talents to good use. You can even improve the best systems and routines.

Help team members find ways for completing tasks in their own ways.

Arrangers have the natural ability to coordinate people and resources for maximum effectiveness. Use your Arranger talents to help employees use their strengths to improve the ways they interact, coordinated and collaborate with one another.

Help your team members see options and possibilities for completing assignments in their own ways.

Employees want to maximize their contributions. To do this, they need to mold their job around what works most naturally for them. You often see options where others might feel stuck. Give people opportunities to maximize their talents. The insights you share will allow employees to be more proficient and work within their strengths zone.