Because you have presence, your words carry weight. People will defer to your personality as much as they will your expertise or experience. You have a natural ability to inspire.

You say things that other people only think. People appreciate your advocacy for them and your willingness to stand up for issues that are important to the team. In doing so, you create loyalty.


Your decisiveness and presence can intimidate others, whether or not it is your intent. Find the best approach to the individuals on your team so that you can deliver feedback, coaching and expectations in ways that will further your cause. You may compromise your team’s engagement and cohesion if you don’t consider how team members respond to your management style.

Manage your urge to define individual goals and every step others should take to achieve performance outcomes. While there is value in identifying the goals you desire, your Command talents may tempt you to exert control over others’ work style, which could diminish their engagement.


Typically, when you manage people with dominant Command talents, you should help them refine their talents so that they are prepared to lead when others waver. People exceptionally talented in the Command theme have a presence that allows them to take control of a situation. This enables them to bring to light what is avoided or unstated and gives them the ability to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.

  • When you need to get a project moving or persuade people, ask people with high Command talents to take charge.
  • Encourage people with dominant Command talents to take on important challenges and bring others along with them. They have talents that can lead others out of their comfort zone and into new territory.
  • Help them consider roles and opportunities where they can use their persuasiveness to positively influence projects and people.
  • They may intimidate others with their upfront, assertive style. Help them weigh the situations in which they should take an active lead. Help them decide when their dominant contribution justifies the occasional ruffled feathers.
  • Rather than pushing them to learn how to be empathetic and polite, your time may be better spent helping them communicate their value and potential vulnerabilities to their coworkers. Their assertiveness is part of what makes them effective — as long as they remain assertive, rather than aggressive or offensive.
  • Ask for their evaluation of what is happening in the organization. They are likely to give you a straight answer.


Transforming your talents into strengths requires active and deliberate learning and practice. The section below has ideas for investing in your talents. Use these items to practice using your dominant themes in ways that will be most meaningful and beneficial to you.

Learn to anticipate situations in which others need your leadership.

You naturally take charge. Learn to anticipate situations when others need your leadership. Your ability to take control during challenging times can make a difference when time is of the essence.

People with high Command can say things that others only think. People appreciate the advocacy you provide and your willingness to stand up for issues that are important to the team.

Sometimes your candor is intimidating, causing others to avoid offending you because of their fear of your reaction. If necessary, explain that you are blunt because it feels uncomfortable to keep things bottled up – not because you want to frighten other people into silence.

Be a strong advocate for your team members to get them what they need.

Let your team members know that you can help them get what they need. Using your Command talents will help you apply pressure to quickly move barriers out of the way of your employees’ success.

The only thing that is more frustrating than feeling as if you want to do a good job at work but don’t have the right equipment to do so is knowing that no one is helping or supporting you by fighting to get you what you need.

The most engaged employees say their manager aggressively petitions for the tools they need when it is justified. Your Command talents help you get people the resources they need to do their work right. You will not shy away from asking for what your employees need.