Your team members look to you for direction. You can bring attention to important messages. When you clearly connect a story to an issue, you make everybody in the room smarter.

Effective managers engage their employees in conversations that create team alignment. Your Communication talents help you generate dialogue and build consensus. You might excel at summarizing information and ideas to help your team make connections and establish common ground.


You may not notice when you monopolize a discussion. Be sure to allow others to contribute. Ask a colleague to serve as a sounding board for you before team meetings.

Remember that talk is not always enough to motivate others. Take time to listen. When you notice consensus-building, practice ways to solidify agreements and inspire action on the initiatives your team is discussing.


Typically, when you manage people with dominant Communication talents, you should help them find ways to connect with others, bringing attention to and refining the messages that people need to hear.

  • Help employees explore how they can develop their Communication talents to make a more significant contribution to the team and organization.
  • They are likely to do well in roles in which they need to capture people’s attention. Help them hone this talent by finding opportunities for them to refine and practice clarifying ideas and telling stories so they’ll get better each time.
  • Take time to hear about their life experiences. They will enjoy the telling. You will enjoy the listening. And your relationships will be closer because of it.
  • Challenge them to learn the folklore — the stories of interesting events within the team and organization — and then help them identify opportunities when they can tell these stories to their colleagues and customers. They will help bring your culture to life, and thereby strengthen it.
  • They might be in a position to help some of the specialists in the organization make presentations that are more engaging or develop stories that are more articulate. In some situations, they might create the presentation for the specialist.
  • Provide supportive, critical feedback. When they are presenting, pay attention to their audience’s reactions to understand which parts of the presentation were the most engaging. After the presentation, take time to review your observations with them. They can use this helpful feedback when they prepare their next presentation.
  • Encourage them to use their Communication talents to build consensus among their peers by getting them all talking. 


Transforming your talents into strengths requires active and deliberate learning and practice. The section below has ideas for investing in your talents. Use these items to practice using your dominant themes in ways that will be most meaningful and beneficial to you.

Use your talent for conversing as a way to strengthen expectations.

Clarity of expectations is the most basic of employee needs and manager responsibilities. Proactively use your Communication talents by initiating developmental conversations with team members to talk about their expectations, your goals and progress toward both.

Only 21% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. You are uniquely positioned to do this significantly better than most.

Your Communication talents are valuable because they bring attention to important messages. You can find words for not only your own thoughts and feelings but also for those of others. This gives you the ability to connect with others in meaningful ways.

Establishing a process and using your Communication talents to clarify expectations will be a highly personal experience for your team members and provide you with valuable information.

Help team members put their ideas into words.

Find ways to connect with people by bringing attention to and refining their messages. Use your Communication talents to help team members put their ideas or feelings into words.

You like to talk, and you are probably good at it. You can explain things and make them clear. You have the ability to tell captivating stories. Your Communication talents are valuable because they allow you to easily connect with people.