Negative emotions, self-limiting beliefs, and self-limiting decisions hold you down and suck the life and joy out of you like a solid flu.

One of the most important goals is to free yourself from these negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and limiting decisions whilst keeping the learnings. That is what we do with Timeline Therapy and in our coaching.

Therefore, it is crucial to identify them clearly and decide whether enough is enough.

Next steps:

  • Stop justifying; instead, let go of the feelings and emotions and act.
  • Refuse to rationalise and make excuses. Release and move on.
  • Realise no one else is responsible, stop blaming and “take control” or be your captain.
  • Do not let the opinions of others affect you; they don’t know you as you do, and they don’t know what you stand for; you do!

Be responsible for your vision, decisions, choices, present and future. The past is the past; you can only act on the present, affecting your plan’s future.

Overcoming, letting go, and changing self-limiting beliefs and decisions is often the most significant challenge standing between you and your full potential. Still, since they are learned, they can be unlearned!

Start selecting the belief you want, aligning it with your values and moving towards what you want.