You can now add a video to your profile in addition to your profile photo.

Adding a short introductory video further adds to the credibility of your profile and enhances your brand.
On the profile, your profile video will be displayed as a muted three-second preview to members before reverting to your profile photo. Members will have to tap on it to view the full video. Members with a profile video will have a blue circle around their profile photo.

*Important: You can only record or upload a profile video from the LinkedIn mobile app.*

1. Tap your profile photo, then tap View Profile.
2. Tap the Add icon on your profile photo > then tap Add profile video.

You’d have to enable the camera and microphone access to record a profile video.
From here you can:

*Record:* Tap the record button to record a profile video
*Upload:* Tap the Gallery icon to upload an existing video from your gallery
*Add Prompts:* Tap Prompts to choose a prompt to answer in your video
Important to know

The video needs to be a minimum of at least three seconds long and a **maximum of 30 seconds long**.

You can stop recording after three seconds by tapping the record button.

After recording, you can:

*Watch* a preview of your profile video
*Select* the visibility of your profile video by tapping the Visibility icon on the bottom left

Here’s a tip…
From here, you can select either All LinkedIn Members or Connections only. If you do not make a selection, the setting will default to All LinkedIn members.

Add stickers and text (Optional)
Tap Next.
Tap Share to profile from the Adjust preview page.
To view, edit, or delete your profile video:

More Options:
*View Analytics:* You can see how many people have viewed your profile video through analytics displayed on the bottom left of the page
*Edit preview:* Tap the More icon on the upper right to Edit preview
*Replace:* Tap Replace to add a new video
*Delete:* Tap the More icon on the upper right to Delete your profile video

A profile video can’t exceed 30 seconds.
You must be using the latest version of the LinkedIn mobile app to create and watch profile videos.
If a member has disabled autoplay of videos on LinkedIn, then the member won’t be able to view the preview.
You can view and delete a profile video from the LinkedIn desktop site.
Unless you have turned off notifications about profile changes, adding a profile video may generate an in-app notification for your network.