Stated ambiguously

A value or state can be ambiguous and transient.

Write affirmations

Affirmations are generalisations of desires and cannot be measured.

You can have it now

You can choose to change your state at any time.

No steps

There are no clear steps for realising a value or state.


Values or states are ambiguous and infinite. Measurement is almost impossible.

Stated for self and others

A value or state can be for you or someone else.


Stated specifically and not limiting

A goal requires a specific outcome to measure the achievement.

Write goals/outcomes

By writing detailed V-A-K descriptions of goal or outcome achievement, we can create action and physiology for achievement.

Time is involved

Time is required to achieve a specific and measurable outcome. A specific time can also be set for achievement.

Steps needed to get there

(Get the final step and work backwards)

To achieve the specific goal, the point of achievement must be identified and then working back from the endpoint to now creates a plan of action.


A goal is measurable. There is no doubt when the goal has been achieved because the criteria for achievement are precise.

Stated for self only

To achieve success, a goal is set for you only. You can only control your own behaviour, so to have control over achieving your goal, it must be only for you.

Aligned with Our core Values

Why would you want to achieve something not aligned with your well-being? Have you not experienced this enough already?

When goals are aligned with our core values, it creates a natural source of motivation.