In their book The Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks talk about the concept that you attract to you what you ask for (Ok, it is a bit more complex than that).

Therefore, be very clear about what you want to attract precisely.

Ask for positive things, and you will get positive things.

Talk about a negative thing, and you will attract more negative things.

By asking, you programme your brain, and we have seen from the start of our work, that our brains distort—filter information according to how we want to see the world.

If you do not believe in the law of attraction, consider it a placebo.

What is a placebo? I love Seth Godin’s riff on Placebo: “A placebo is a story we tell ourselves that changes the way our brain and body work.” – Seth Godin.

It might not work, but it might work. What’s the risk? Zero.

You risk nothing in attracting more positivity towards you.