• Values

These tend to be fixed until we move or change them purposefully or have a powerful life experience, such as becoming a parent, losing a parent or close family member, losing a job etc.

  • Beliefs

Our beliefs support our values, keeping our values in place. As our belief systems slowly change, our values become less secure and prepare to shift. Our beliefs are more obvious to us than our core beliefs and values and sit in both our conscious and subconscious minds.

  • Attitude

Attitudes are often more obvious to others than to us.

Often an attitude is demonstrated in body language: perhaps a facial expression or a gesticulation. Sometimes they are shown through knee-jerk reactions to statements and sometimes through repeated behaviour.

  • Core beliefs

Our core beliefs hold our values firmly in place and are often outside our conscious awareness. There is a specific reason for separating core beliefs and beliefs. Core beliefs may have a negative or positive charge.