“I call my Activator theme my “let’s get going” theme. Whenever I make plans with my friends, they look to me to get the group moving. They always have great ideas about where to go and what to do, but if I wasn’t there, they would probably just sit around and talk about the possibilities all night.

They would actually never go anywhere. There comes a point where I have to say, “Let’s just head out and decide on the way.” I’m like this at work too.

I can’t sit in meetings for long. When people want to debate and discuss something endlessly, I get impatient. When I start feeling restless, I know it’s time for me to rally everyone around one idea and get us started.

I have a knack for cutting through lots of ideas and opinions and seeing how to make things happen. Ultimately, my Activator talents enable me to put plans in motion when others get stuck discussing ideas or options. I help them see how to get moving.

To me, the worst decision is no decision. And I like to make decisions happen.”