“As a healthcare professional who spends his time in an emergency room, my work environment is stressful and chaotic. But my Adaptability theme allows me to manage the constantly changing demands of the day, enabling me to stay calm and composed despite the intensity of the situation.

To me, Adaptability is the power to shift gears no matter what life throws at me. It’s understanding that life is

unpredictable, yet taking comfort in the knowledge that I can handle whatever it has in store for me.

Someone like me, who has Adaptability as a Signature Theme, prefers to go with the flow and react to things as they occur. I know that I’ll be able to adapt to the changing conditions and demands no matter what happens during the day. This gives me the confidence I need to be successful at my job. And the energy I don’t waste on worrying about an unpredictable future is, instead, put to better use improving my skills and accomplishing the goals at hand.”