As a medical researcher, the nature of my profession requires me to be extremely analytical, almost to the point of being critical in every aspect of my job. In fact, my coworkers would probably describe me as a very logical and rigorous-minded person. That’s my Analytical theme at work.

A typical day in my life includes poring through pages of research to uncover the tiniest, most minute detail or

finding that could one day lead to a cure for a chronic disease. As I analyze these data, I carefully dissect them, searching for patterns and connections that may open new doors or lead to unexplored avenues of research.

When my company completes a new drug trial, I’m always eager to jump into the findings to see how they compare with past data. It’s exciting when there is a successful outcome, but failures are equally as important.

Being analytical leads me to sound, well-researched results, and when it comes to saving lives, that’s what’s

most important.