“In life, there are often times when someone needs to speak up and take action. My Command theme gives me the confidence and strength to stand up and talk about what others are thinking but don’t have the courage to say.

My coworkers often come to me to take the lead when no one else will. When a conflict emerges, they look to me to help sort it out and solve it. I can do that. My Command gives me the courage to tell it like it is. Things become much easier to deal with when they are out in the open, but it is hard for some people to express their thoughts and feelings; it comes naturally to me. I have always been able to take the lead when the going gets tough.

At times, my assertiveness can intimidate others. I try to manage that. I tell myself that I don’t always have to step in and control. But there are times when it is important to give voice to what others are really thinking and feeling to make the necessary changes to move forward. My Command helps me make that happen.”