“I have always been competitive by nature. In fact, I attribute most of my success in life — like earning scholarships and promotions — to my strong competitive drive. I constantly measure myself against others. When I perceive someone gaining ground or inching ahead of me, it motivates me to work harder to find a way to win. To me, there is nothing like winning.

In my job as a manager of a women’s apparel shop, I keep myself and my staff motivated by tracking our store’s ranking within the franchise. I’ve pinpointed several stores in other markets similar to ours, and I constantly compare their sales number to ours as a way of measuring progress. There are certain numbers I track daily, weekly and monthly — when we start to slip, I challenge myself to find new ways to bring those numbers back up.

To help my store perform better, I establish contests and sales goals to make everyday tasks more fun for the staff.

I know that not everyone is competitive as I am, so I try to be sensitive to that. But I make sure to include everyone in our victory celebrations when we exceed our goals and hit important milestones.”