“I’m an Achiever. I can’t go to bed at night with to-dos left on my list. It doesn’t matter if they’re for work, for home or for fun. I have to accomplish my goals every day. And I’m driven to complete my work assignments on time and to do more than my peers. I love to get stuff done around the house, so I’m always making sure I have a project or two to complete. My Achiever helps me get the most out of every day because I’m constantly trying to cross things off of my list.

I find that I have to manage the Achiever in me, however. Obviously, I get a lot of stuff done. I’m pretty productive with my time, and it makes me feel great taking care of the things I’ve committed to do. Sometimes I overextend myself. In my haste to cross more off my list, I sometimes load up with too many to-dos. I feel bad if I can’t get everything done quickly. But that’s what keeps me going — the need to achieve as much as possible with my time.

I’m proud of my Achiever talents. I’m not shy about how they drive me, and I use them to my advantage. People at work and in other parts of my life know they can count on me to get things done. There’s no better feeling than knowing I’ve achieved a goal — except maybe moving on to the next one.”