I am here to teach you how to set goals effectively.

The objective is to give you tools, techniques and an EXPERIENCE that will allow you to replicate this repeatedly to have the most favourable long-term impact on your life and those around you.

This will keep you moving when you might have given up in the past.

It allows you to see your progress and journey from a different perspective.

It’s about testing, getting feedback, doing alterations, testing again and getting to the desired outcome.

It offers tools and techniques you can apply to anything you decide you want to achieve throughout the rest of your life. Moreover, once you’ve been through the entire process, you’ll have the tools to replicate it repeatedly.

In the same way that a diet is temporary, and a decision to change your health habits is a process of permanence, we look at traditional goal setting (you can also include December 31st  goals in there) as a diet and YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE™ as the long-term journey to personal success; in YOUR own unique style.

You will experience insight into your own behaviour and self-talk that you may not have had before.

The purpose of accessing this self-insight is to allow you to understand who you really are and how you create your present and future.

Underneath all the layers of social conditioning, “should/should not”, “must/must not”, ”have to/cannot”, and more, is the real you.

The one that feels profound satisfaction and happiness when the current YOU catches up.

It’s tailored for YOU. And it’s all about ALIGNMENT with you.

We also acknowledge that we all change, grow and expand every single day, so we teach you how to create ongoing ALIGNMENT and how to measure that.

Remember that what you get by reaching your destination is not nearly as important as what you will become by achieving your goals because what you will become is the winner you were born to be.

So, quite simply, YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE™ is a personal insight and alignment system that gives you the experience and results of creating something you REALLY wants.

And once we’ve experienced something successfully, we know how to do it repeatedly.

“Motivation gets you going, and habit (practice) gets you there.”

“Motivation is the fuel necessary to keep the human engine running.” – Zig Ziglar.