• A value is a concept or idea that equates to our “truths”.

Even though most of us may imagine that we know precisely our values, sometimes the most important ones are outside our conscious awareness.

  • Source of Values.

Family, friends, religion, school, geography, economics, media, build on trusted sources.

According to Massey´s developmental periods:

The imprint period is 0-7 years old when values form.

  • Most of our closely held values are deeply unconscious.

They were formed when we were very young, between birth and seven years.

  • Our values are our most highly valued ethics and morals.

We protect our values closely and often; when our values are crossed, we can react with strong emotions, sometimes surprising even ourselves.

  • Our values are fundamental to our motivation in every aspect of our life.

What’s more, our values create the foundation of our belief system.

From there, we perceive our reality through the filter of our values and belief system. Anything that doesn’t match is deleted. Anything that aligns with it is accepted. Based on this filtering system, we make unconscious judgements about people and situations. Sometimes those decisions are quite contrary to our conscious beliefs.

Values are at the core of everything we do, think, and feel.

Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others.

And having no respect he ceases to love.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov.