As if you already have it. Imagine yourself already having a manifestation in your life right now. No place for doubt, and why would you doubt it since you are writing your goal as if you already have it?

Detailed description. By writing detailed descriptions of “goal achievement,” we can create action and physiology for achievement. In other words, it will help you with the HOW (next step).

Your goal is simple, specific, well-defined, and aligned with your values.

Then, use your five senses to imagine precisely what it looks, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels like. Make it as VIVID as possible, as if you live it now. And every time you read it, it will remain vivid.

Note: we are not talking about the journey to get there – not now.

If you can dream it, visualise it, you can do it.

  • Visual wording.

As if you already have it. THROUGH YOUR OWN EYES. You are IN the movie. You’re the lead character.

What do you see?

Where are you? What’s the environment like (home, workplace, or other location)? What changed?

  • Kinesthetics: intention, wording:

What do you feel physically and emotionally (joy? love? excitement? confidence?)

Add a sense of smell (perfume, flower, fresh grass, the sea …) and taste (sweet, salty, spicy …)

  • Auditive wording

What do you hear around you? Voices, noises, music, rhythm?